Time: 5pm to 9pm

Venue Information:

Novotel Zurich City West
Schiffbaustrasse 13



Join us in Zurich, Switzerland, as Tata Elxsi unites executives from leading medical device companies for insightful conversations and collaboration on key industry themes. This event features an engaging panel discussion, followed by three parallel roundtable discussions. Engage with your industry peers in thought-provoking discussions on patient-centric healthcare, MedTech innovation, digital health solutions, and navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Reserve your seat now!

Panel Discussion
Balancing Innovation and Compliance: Pioneering Patient-Centric Medical Devices

  • Navigating the intersection of innovation and compliance to launch patient-centered devices
  • Addressing ethical considerations and compliance challenges
  • How industry collaboration and regulatory engagement can drive patient-centric innovation within regulatory boundaries.


Topics for Roundtable:

Roundtable 1: Regulatory Compliance
Navigating Regulatory Harmonization in MedTech M&A Integration

  • Strategies for aligning diverse regulatory frameworks during MedTech mergers and acquisitions to ensure smooth
    compliance transitions
  • Exploring methods to harmonize quality systems across merged entities, balancing innovation with regulatory
  • Engaging regulatory bodies early to streamline approvals, address compliance gaps, and optimize product launch

Roundtable 2: Digital Health
Navigating the Future of Healthcare Platform Development: Collaborative Strategies for Success
Saibal Mukherjee, Director Legal, Digital Initiatives & Franchises, Takeda

  • Exploring the role of strategic technology partnerships in accelerating healthcare platform innovation
  • Strategies for identifying and aligning with the right technology partners to create robust and scalable digital health
  • Commercialization challenges and opportunities in bringing healthcare platforms to market and achieving
    widespread adoption

Roundtable 3: Product Development/ Innovation
Transforming Healthcare through AI Technology and Connected Ecosystem
Raoul Donath, Director, Product Development, Radiometer

  • Showcasing AI and IoMT’s role in device miniaturization, exemplified by wearables and demonstrating cloud-connected
    solutions for seamless data exchange.
  • Examining the shift to AI-powered solutions and illustrating integration in manufacturing and legacy products.
  • Demonstrating AI and IoMT’s remote control enhancement for medical devices, optimizing resources, and empowering
    clinical staff in cost-conscious healthcare.


Time Session
4:45pm Registration for event
5:45pm Introduction and Speech
6:00pm Panel Discussion and Q&A
6:45pm Roundtable Discussions
7:30pm Dinner is served
9:00pm Networking and Drinks




Martin Schäuble Vice President – R&D, Aesculap, a B.Braun Group company

Nitin Pai, Chief Marketing & Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Elxsi

Suhas Tamras Vice President and Head, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tata Elxsi

Frank Desiere, SVP Head of Digital Solutions, Roche Diagnostics

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