We are excited to announce our upcoming CXO Cyience event on the ENVISIONING TOMORROW’S HEALTHCARE: IMPACT OF GEN AI. Healthcare is constantly evolving, and with Gen AI taking centre stage in the industry, it is imperative for Medical device manufacturing companies like yours to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Our event will be focused on the integration of Gen AI in medical devices, regulatory considerations & quality assurance, data security and privacy, product development, and innovation. We have invited industry experts to discuss these important topics and provide insights into how they can positively impact the Healthcare sector.

Below are some of the discussion points that we will be covering during our event:

Integrating Gen AI technology in Medical Device Manufacturing: How can it improve overall quality and manufacturing processes?
Regulatory Considerations and Quality Assurance: How to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies regarding the use of Gen AI and medical devices.
Data Security and Privacy: The importance of safeguarding patient data and how medical devices and Gen AI technology can protect them.
Product Development and Innovation: How to leverage Gen AI in product development to gain a competitive edge in the market.
Our CXO Cyience event provides a unique opportunity for you to gain valuable insights from industry experts, network with other business leaders, and get answers to your questions on the topic of Gen AI technology.

Ravi Ramaswamy

Business Advisor and Former Philips and GE Healthcare executive

With close to 30 years in the healthcare space, Ravi is now the CEO of RV Consultants, where he advises global and local healthcare corporations on strategy, growth, and product/program management. He sits on the board of several incubators, start-ups, and educational institutions and mentors senior leaders in the ecosystem

Eugene Agresta

SVP and Global Business Head- Healthcare & Life Sciences

With an overall 20+ years of experience, Eugene currently serves as SVP and leads the HiTech, Semiconductor, and Healthcare & Life Sciences businesses at Cyient. He manages and leads a diverse team of business professionals accountable for sales & account management, business development, industry partnerships, engineering, manufacturing, and digital transformation services

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