Creating Sustainable Futures

The world-renowned, Leading European Architecture Forum is the must-attend event for senior-level decision-makers from leading international architectural practices, contractors, developers, engineers, interior designers, and government officials.

LEAF 2023 will focus on forward-thinking strategies to deliver on net zero targets and explore how technology, digitalisation and the coronavirus pandemic are transforming the built environment across the entire supply chain. The agenda will look at sustainable architecture design strategies that reduce the negative environmental impact from future built environment projects and assessing sustainable performance.

Our solution providers have the opportunity to showcase their organisation, discuss future building projects, as well as share ideas and best practices, whilst increasing their brand awareness. Network with your peers and gain new insight from key industry leaders examining opportunities and exploring how technology, digitalisation, net-zero carbon targets and the pandemic are transforming the built environment across the entire supply chain.

LEAF 2023 Draft Agenda – Creating Sustainable Futures:

    • Creating a sustainable future: Architecture’s role in tackling climate change
    • The Global Housing Crisis and Homelessness
    • Managing developments in a dynamic global market – how are events like global supply chain issues, impacting the future of city buildings
    • The impact that AI will have on design and the design professions, and how we must respond
    • Designing, constructing and operating a smart building: considerations around safety, comfort, security, energy and the overall atmosphere
    • How do we ensure that free movement of skills does not impact on collaboration between the construction industries in the EU and UK?
    • Emerging trends & future predictions for building façade
    • Urban development – assessing the impact to achieve sustainable buildings
    • The role of buildings in improving functional health – how can developments actively improve the well-being of users
    • The challenge that the Home Working phenomenon imposes on the continued vibrancy of city centre office areas
    • The ongoing impact of the continued war in Ukraine, and a vision for peace, as well as how the continued conflict is affecting the global economy
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