Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forum (GSEF) 2023 brings together the end-to-end value chain in semiconductors, automotive, telecommunication, consumer electronics and design supply chain. As one of the industry’s most important gatherings, the forum explores current and future trends and finds solutions to business-hindering challenges.

Semiconductors will enable the low latency, high bandwidth, pixel-heavy world soon to be spawned by the widespread deployment of 5G, but it will require a series of industry resets involving new architectures, business models, and materials-engineering breakthroughs. The industry is reshaping itself to enable the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Moore’s Law has been given a new lease of life by new chip architectures, including those based on 3D multi-Storey integrated circuits and tightly co-packaged multi-functional chip sets. As more processing is pushed to the edge, the data from automobiles, smart phones, robots, and drones will increasingly be processed in-device. This new distributed model will help reduce network congestion and future cyber threats.

This is an opportunity to…

  • Network with like-minded peers who share your challenges
  • Stay ahead with the cutting-edge presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Have your questions answered – exclusive presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Share ideas and best practice within the industry
  • Engage in 1-2-1 business meetings and discover leading innovative solutions

Your ticket entitles you to:

  • Entry to the seminar programme
  • Meeting arrangement
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the conference
  • Drinks reception and 3-course dinner with wine at the end of Day 1
  • Catalogue entry (150 word company profile and 50 word job function profile)
  • Website entry (150 word company profile and high resolution logo)

    Topics include:

  • Strengthening the Global Supply Chain for the Next Decade of Innovation
  • E-Mobility: The Future of charging
  • 5G, 6G and the next level of advanced communications
  • Opportunities for SiC adoption in EV’s, driving advancements in performance, reliability and cost
  • Next generation of connected car platforms: Looking at end-to end strategy, architecture and technology innovation
  • How to improve Chip reliability in the Automotive sector
  • Battery Technology : Accelerate the global transition to carbon neutral transportation
  • How automotive OEMs are preparing their business for a software-defined future
  • Compute at the edge of the network and at the road powering innovations in mobility
  • Powering the Metaverse; what are the biggest computing architecture challenges?
  • Latest developments in C-V2X interoperability and deployment solutions
  • How 5G networks transform industries and connect the Metaverse
  • Lidar technology roadmap; evaluating trends, developments and opportunities
  • How Wide Bandgap Semiconductors can transform the automotive sector and driving the transition towards sustainable mobility
  • SiC MOSFETs with high-voltage solutions for next-generation EV charging and energy storage systems.
  • High-Quality Audio: Technology Development in MEMS Microphones
  • MEMS sensors the interfaces between the physical and digital world, seamless human computer interaction with AR and VR
  • Battery Technology : Accelerate the global transition to carbon neutral transportation
  • How automotive OEMs are preparing their business for a software-defined future
  • The Future Role of Big-Data Analytics in Semiconductor Production
  • 5G Technology Devices for an O-RAN Wireless Solutions
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