Small Modular Reactor technology- the design and construction of smaller and cheaper reactors, is a growing factor in achieving the green and clean energy strategies adopted by the energy sector. While SMR’s represent a safe, clean, and reliable method of power production, the technology is only now emerging as a viable option due to advances in technology of construction and design. These new designs operate in ways sometimes quite different from ‘normal’ nuclear power- higher temperatures, pressures, materials, and applications reveal an array of previously un-considered challenges to safe operation.

In many cases with new designs, most effort is expended in core design and reactor modelling and simulation, but industry experience shows that these new reactors require custom solutions for reactor power and radiation monitoring. There is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for unique reactors that have not yet seen the light of day. Deferring consideration of the essential aspects of reactor control and instrumentation can cause large delays in these complex projects, potentially killing an otherwise promising concept.

In this webinar, Reuter Stokes and Paragon Energy Solutions will address many of the complex technical challenges confronting the design and implementation of SMR reactor design. Special attention is given to nuclear instrumentation and where innovation on old designs will be necessary to help this emerging market succeed. Register today to learn more about why nuclear instrumentation is a critical part of SMR design and safety.

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