About the Event

Transforming Customer Experience has become a priority for organizations in today’s time. Companies are actively looking into avenues to enhance customer journey to ensure a streamlined experience to retain and grow their businesses. Hexaware’s strategy revolves building futuristic Omnichannel Customer Experience centers to deliver uninterrupted, personalized, swift and almost real-time resolutions for providing seamless customer engagement and superior experience. Our North Star metric hints at Hexaware’s ability to improve customer satisfaction, enriched customer engagement with agents and contribute towards business efficiency through reduced handling times, end customer retention & customer insights for future interactions.

Be a part of our Round Table Conference on Nov 18 and join industry stalwarts to decode the complexities of delivering exceptional customer experience and understanding key drivers that would help enterprises drive business objectives. We will discuss:

  • Outlook on creating efficiencies through easy to use self-service mode of customer engagement
  • Modernizing Agent Assist for best-in-class service to end customers
  • Viewpoint on AI, ML and RPA intervention for continuous service improvements and hyper personalization
  • Renovating approach towards reporting and deep-dive analytics for metrics driven view of customer experience performance
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