About the event

Industry 4.0 is aimed at achieving efficiency through integrated smart systems, processes, sensors, data, analytics, and AI. It can be applied in key business areas including production, manufacturing, business support, and engineering. Industry 4.0 can support a holistic shift of production from a centralised to a decentralised model. The new ecosystem will allow smarter products, services, and plants that in turn might also support new business models and revenue sources.

However, realising the benefits of Industry 4.0 requires several technological layers including connectivity, an IoT platform, IoT as well as data analytics and AI to analyse the data generated by the machines. To stay competitive, companies must leverage the IoT and digitalisation to become much more agile and efficient.

Agenda Topics:

      • Factory of the future – smart manufacturing and AI to drive productivity & quality improvements​
      • Digital twin and SOC design transforming complexity into opportunity
      • Smart manufacturing and digital twins for the semiconductor industry
      • Driving toward predictive analytics with advanced manufacturing
      • Why edge computing is critical for industry 4.0 adoption plans?
      • Can private wireless solution drive industry 4.0 digital transformation
      • Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity – managing risk is in the connected world
      • 5G ultra-low latency for smart manufacturing
      • Designing 5G for future industrial IoT

Please check the Event Website for full agenda. 

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