Creating Sustainable Futures

The Leading European Architecture Forum has been bringing together senior decision makers from leading international architectural practices, contractors, developers, engineers, interior designers, government officials and supplier partners to discuss future building projects, as well as share ideas and best practice within the industry.

LEAF 2022 will focus on forward-thinking strategies to deliver on net zero targets and explore how technology, digitalisation and the coronavirus pandemic are transforming the built environment across the entire supply chain. The agenda will look at sustainable architecture design strategies that reduce the negative environmental impact from future built environment projects and assessing sustainable performance. The opportunity presented is to engage with influential decision makers through networking and private one-to-one meeting’s introductions.

LEAF International will be taking place at Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport this year from 12-13 October.

LEAF 2022 Draft Agenda – Creating Sustainable Futures:

  • How to sell sustainability to your clients: challenges architects face in convincing clients to support sustainable design.
  • Discussing opportunities and challenges in zero carbon constructions. Focusing on bio-based materials to get to carbon negative future.
  • How to face the next technological innovations which impact the architecture profession and the construction industry.
  • Smart Cities: infrastructure investment opportunities – making cities smarter, efficient, and sustainable.
  • How architects can design out climate change through innovation.
  • Planning for a transition to net zero: How AI driven predictive building systems can reduce carbon emissions in buildings.
  • How to reduce embodied carbon emissions in future building projects.
  • The future of interior design: How best to meet sustainability and net-zero requirements for interior design.
  • How can digital twin help to improve the environmental impact of the built environment?
  • Making construction more sustainable with intelligent robotics
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