About the event

A Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) represents a series of steps taken during the development of a product. Although, SDLC strategies may vary from organization to organization, their ultimate goal is the efficient production of high-quality products. A Secure SDLC is a development lifecycle that has been augmented by a special set of processes, whose aim is the development of products meeting high security standards. Secure SDLC methodologies allow the early mitigation of security risks, by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities during the early stages of product development. They also introduce best-of-breed proactive defenses in the design and implementation of the product, thus minimizing the released product’s exposure to future threats.

During dinner we will discuss:

  1. Comparison between Secure SDLC and automated code audit tools
  2. Comparison between Secure SDLC and crowdsourced security
  3. Secure SDLC deliverable examples and attestation letter
  4. Priorities for Finance Leaders in the Coming Years
  5. Case Studies of Secure SDLC for business models and different business

Join us for this exclusive, invitation-only CXO Roundtable

Date: 15th November 2022

Time: 18:00 GMT

Location: Central London. Invitation-Only

Contact Details

If you would like to participate : Ilyas.ismail@progressivemediainternational.com

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