In a landscape where businesses are maturing and evolving, the role of a strategically-minded CFO becomes increasingly complex. The challenge lies in optimising expenditures while simultaneously empowering the business to sustain, and even accelerate, its growth. The last few years’ mantra of ‘growth at all costs’ has given way to ‘efficient growth only’.

But efficiency hinges on several key fundamentals: transparency of spending vs. outcome; effectively executed procurement; fostering strong cross-departmental partnerships, and wisely managing tech investments.
So, how can a CFO regain control over spend and fully leverage it without hampering innovation and growth?

Marvin Lange, CFO of IU Group, Germany’s largest private university group, will share his insights and discuss strategies for successfully achieving this delicate balance. He will address questions such as:

• How can finance teams attain accurate visibility of spend vs. impact and ensure accountability among internal stakeholders?

• How do top CFOs successfully reduce spending while still equipping the business for performance and ongoing innovation?

• What are the secrets behind fast and smooth technology (re)negotiations?

Join us to explore these crucial aspects of financial leadership and learn how to drive efficient growth throughout your organization.


18.00 Champagne Reception & Networking
18:30 Guests seated and welcome by Sanjeev Dole, Publisher, FDE
18.50 Introductory address by Susanne Ebmeyer, Vertice
18:55 Keynote address by Marvin Lange, Group CFO, IU Group
19:15 Moderated Discussion
19:45 Break & Networking
20:00 Dinner is served, informal discussion continues
21:25 Closing remarks
21:30 End of briefing & further networking

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