AI is transforming the insurance industry and we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Through improved risk assessment, personalized policies, fraud detection, predictive analytics, automated processes, risk management, and efficient data handling AI is enabling advancements in the industry. Innovation and technology have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of the insurance sector, from customer interactions to risk assessment, underwriting, and fraud detection.

The insurance industry is at a crossroad, and the decisions made in this pivotal moment will profoundly shape its future landscape. Innovation and technology have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of the insurance sector, from customer interactions to risk assessment, underwriting, and fraud detection.

Infosys is hosting an exclusive networking event as a part of “Being AI First Conversations series”. The event scheduled on May 9th, 2024, in Hartford is themed around Reimagine Insurance with AI-First to enhance Speed, Accuracy, Trust. The discussion delves into the potential of AI to unlock efficiency, build connected ecosystems, and accelerate growth in Insurance.

We will also showcase the recently launched offering, Topaz, at the event. Infosys Topaz combines the power of AI with enterprise operations to revolutionize business processes and drive customer experience. This will be followed by an insightful panel discussion and VIP reception.

Speaker: Kannan Amaresh Senior Vice President & Global Head – Insurance, Infosys


17:00    Registration & Welcome Drinks

17:30    Welcome Note – Kannan Amaresh, Senior Vice President & Global Head – Insurance, Infosys

17:45    Practitioners’ Perspective – Being AI First in Insurance, Panel Discussion

18:15    Preparing Data for AI First Business Transformation, Panel Discussion

18:45    Closing Comments

19:00    Dinner


Richard Ratliff

Richard Ratliff, Executive Scientist and Fellow, Sabre Labs Richard is an Executive Research Scientist at Sabre Labs(think tank of Sabre).His primary technical expertise includes in the areas of applied AI/ML, operations research, forecasting, optimization modeling and systems integration for airlines, hotels, cruise lines and travel agencies. His research work has led to numerous new products at Sabre as well as holdings roles as a Fellow at both Sabre and AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research).

 Farooq Huda

 Farooq Huda, Senior VP, Technology, Worldwide Express Technology leader with proven track record of taking on challenging Enterprise products and demonstrating success by turning them around. His background and experience provides breadth and depth into various functional areas including Product Development/Management, Architecture and Operations.

Anupam Govil

Anupam Govil, Managing Partner, Avasant Anupam is a recognized thought leader, business executive and consultant in the areas of Business strategy, Digital Transformation, Technology Sourcing and M&A. At Avasant, Anupam leads the Digital Transformation and Global Strategy practice as well as Strategic Partnerships and Marketing. He has over 25 years of consulting experience with Global 2000, technology and PE firms, advising on strategic sourcing, tech investments, global expansion and M&A.

Wayne Butterfield

Wayne Butterfield, Global Lead, AI & Automation, ISG With 15 plus years of experience he has been at the forefront of AI and Intelligent Automation, pioneering solutions, taking calculated risks, and guiding businesses through digital transformation. His areas of expertise encompass Robotic & Intelligent Automation, Digital Customer Service, Business Transformation, and the multifaceted impacts of Generative AI. He is a recognized voice in industry events across the UK, Europe, and the USA.  

Anthony Karakkal,

Anthony Karakkal, Chief Business Officer- Travel, Transport & Hospitality , LTIMindtree Leader with 27 years of Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Operations experience. Strong expertise in developing enduring client relationships and strategic partnerships, building high performance teams and creating innovative solutions.  

Dr. Manish Govil

Dr. Manish Govil, Global Segment Leader, Supply Chain , Amazon Web Services (AWS) Dynamic, results-oriented executive with proven track record of hyper scaling global growth. Extensive experience in digital technologies of cloud, supply chain, AI, analytics, and enterprise solutions. Demonstrated success in managing entire spectrum of technology business life-cycle spanning business development, channel development, sales, marketing, consulting and product management

Deepak Khosla

Head, Enterprise Gen AI, LTIMindtree

Alonzo Howell

Alonzo Howell, AVP, LTIMindtree An industry veteran with close to 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of leadership roles with leading Travel and Transportation/Logistics companies, followed by extensive consulting in the same industries. Has led the delivery of a broad range of large-scale enterprise initiatives, business process innovations and end-to-end data and analytic ecosystems.

Palak Shah

Palak Shah, Senior Director- Enterprise Gen AI Practice, LTIMindtree Palak is a Gen AI enthusiast with 16 years of IT experience including 6 years of AWS cloud experience. During her tenure Palak has explored many areas including databases, Analytics and GenAI. She is always open to learning new things and is passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems.

Kannan Amaresh Senior Vice President & Global Head - Insurance, Infosys

Kannan Amaresh is the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Insurance at Infosys, bringing over three decades of industry experience. In his current role since 2018, he leads global insurance vertical, fostering client relationships and driving new client acquisitions across key markets. Kannan is passionate about leveraging technology for business model disruption and applies a unique "Speed, Accuracy, Trust" (SAT) approach to address customer challenges. Kannan chairs the Infosys Insurance Advisory Council and is a frequent speaker at events and webinars, promoting industry thought leadership. His leadership reflects Infosys’ core values of excellence, trustworthiness, and industry leadership. Kannan is also a strong advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, embedding these principles into his leadership style. Kannan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and holds a patent pending in the USA for his work on passionate about inventing, with a patent pending in the USA for his work on ‘Predicting Financial Impact of Business Frameworks’. Beyond work, he enjoys tennis, F1, and NBA.

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