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Reach the Cloud before the Cloud Reaches you! Amaze® for Cloud Transformation is here…

We all know that cloud transformation is inevitable. In fact, the pandemic has been pushing enterprises quite unexpectedly to move their applications and database to the cloud for better efficiency and high TCO reduction. No one may have predicted two to three years back that cloud migration of legacy applications would become such a great lifesaver for the decades-old applications, and of course for the business as a whole.
What if we tell you that we can assess your legacy applications for cloud readiness in just a few hours, create a cloud migration roadmap, containerize the applications by breaking them into macro and micro services, and deploy them on the cloud rapidly? And what if we do all this in just 6 to 8 weeks with more than 50% TCO reduction and no change in the business functionality of the application after the cloud transformation? Yes, we are already doing this for many leading enterprises including Fortune 500 companies, thanks to amaze® for Applications, Hexaware’s proprietary rapid application cloud replatforming product suite.

Amaze® is an automation-led platform that decreases your cloud migration time and implementation costs by more than 50% and relieves you of the burden of licensing costs. It makes your cloud replatforming journey simple, seamless, and secure with a futuristic approach. Hard to believe right? We have some real-world cases to show the cloud magic amaze® has been doing for years now.

Why amaze®?

  • Assesses the cloud readiness of your legacy applications rapidly even if no documentation available
  • Prioritizes the best candidates for refactoring, replatforming, and rebuilding
  • Analyzes the scope of automation throughout cloud journey
  • Enables you to take an informed decision on what kind of operating model is needed to succeed in the cloud journey
  • So, build up your excitement and get ready to take a tour of one of the most amazing cloud native solutions. Interact with our cloud experts to understand the typical industry challenges and our proven strategies that helped many to escape the cloud maze much faster and easier than they anticipated. Many of your competitors may have already started prioritizing cloud for their IT investment. Are you there yet?

    Leverage strengths of cloud and digital multi-channels for rapid scale and customer 360. What is a data driven enterprise: Build enterprise “ai that can feel” : value-driven solution for customers : analytics focus to unlock insights from data.



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