About the event

5G innovation is the foundation of data-driven transformation and will change the way everyone – companies, governments, and consumers – interacts and does business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services. It brings a step change in the connectivity that is now possible for end-users, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers higher speeds and capacity, lower latency, and more reliability. This in turn paves the way for many more innovative use cases, such as autonomous vehicles, robots, automated machines, greater factory automation, augmented and virtual reality, delivered at scale and cost effectively, through a multipurpose network of unprecedented flexibility. Growth will accelerate in the coming years, supported by increased spectrum availability and operator investment in network rollouts, with 3 billion subscribers by 2025.

Presentations, case studies, panels and live Q&A sessions will bring the latest progress and innovations in the 5G technology straight to your desktop.

Agenda Topics:

      • 5G evolution and roadmap to 6G​
      • How to use network slicing to build use-case-specific networks : Developing network slicing to offer differentiated services on the same network infrastructure
      • The role of 5G in accelerating digital transformation
      • vRAN and NFV: Understanding technologies and implementation opportunity
      • New developments in higher bandwidth mmWave deployments to play a key role in the delivery of 5G use cases
      • Opportunity created by 5G for automotive and mobility solutions
      • 5G powering a gaming revolution: accelerating new possibilities for developers, players, and fans
      • 5G and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for demanding Industry 4.0 applications
      • 5G URLLC and the Smart factory of the future

Please check the Event Website for full agenda. 

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