GlobalData Media Masterclass – Mining and Energy Business Media Masterclass

15th December 2021

A series of boutique training events which aim to super-charge your marketing and PR teams.
These sessions are aimed at chief marketing officers, PR managers and even CEOs who
want to sharpen their skills and better engage with a B2B audience.
GlobalData is the fastest growing business intelligence provider on the London Stock
Exchange and publishes some of the leading news websites in the sectors, including: Mining
Technology, Power Technology, Energy Monitor, Pharmaceutical Technology, Verdict,
Retail Banker and The Accountant.

Press Gazette – Future of Media, is the world’s leading news and analysis website for
content professionals in the news industry.

Together they will use their expertise, and bring in a range of talented outside speakers, to
help you produce intelligent and effective PR and marketing campaigns which help you to grow
your business.

This masterclass is aimed at everyone from the company owner who needs
to know more about marketing to seasoned professionals who need to update their skills. A
series of sharp, focused 40-minute sessions packed with great-take aways and learning points.
Exclusive Media Masterclass Intelligence Report for each delegate – featuring exclusive
audience data from Press Gazette and research analysis from GlobalData.


14:00 GMT: Media Intelligence.
Sector specific media briefing: Presentation of unique audience data and B2B+B2C audience overview. What are the leading brands? Who reads them? Who are the leading journalists influencers? (Each delegate will be given their own intelligence report tailored to their sector to take home).

Presenter: Dominic Ponsford – editor in chief, Press Gazette

14:30: Martech Masterclass. Speakers include: Rob Jay, chief marketing office of GlobalData. Sam Fairburn, marketing director New Statesman Media Group.

What are the latest trends in Martech? How can AI and automation boost your marketing effectiveness? How can you apply technology to boost effectiveness of various marketing channels: email, native content, in-house websites and blogs, social. How to use various channels to prospect and nurture new customers and communicate with your existing base

15:00 to 15:40: Meet the journalists. Panel session featuring:

Phillipa Nuttall – editor of Energy Monitor

George Demetri – editor Tunnels and Tunneling

Dominic Ponsford – editor in chief, Press Gazette

15.40 to 16.20: Presenting to the Media Workshop: Talking to journalists, presentation and crisis management. How to get your message across and how to manage the media when things go wrong.

Presenter: Chris Blackhurst, former Independent editor and Evening Standard business editor (top ten crisis and reputation management, PR Week).

16:20: Future Themes Briefing. Industry-specific themes briefing: How to position your business and your message to embrace the themes which the media and customers care about from AI and IoT to regulation and sustainability. Why themes matter to modern media. What are the threats and opportunities?

Presenter: Cyrus Mewawalla, head of thematic research, GlobalData. Pundit, BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg

16:50: SEO Simplified. What business leaders need to know to ensure customers can find them on Google. Top level overview including latest intel on how algorithm updates affect business to business marketing and communcations. Briefing for your own websites and what you need to know

17:20: to close…Reflections, discussion and recap on key learning points. Workshopped discussion about how to implement key learning points at your business.


In depth, data-filled report for all delegates. Follow-up one on one calls on request with Dominic Ponsford

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