An Exclusive CXO Conclave
In the heart of Munich, a select gathering of industry pioneers will deliberate, discuss and define how technology is going to change the face of our modern enterprise. Rise of AI and cloud is all pervasive and leading enterprise firms be it Auto, Aero, Industrial, ISV or MedTech are all geared up to embrace digital platforms with smart engineering requirements to increase customer
experience and productivity at every stage in their industry value chain. TechM, in strategic partnership with Azure, invites you to this exclusive CXO roundtable conference scheduled for May 27th, 2024. This event will be a closed room conversation where we get to exchange our point of view on what we are seeing in the industry and will get insights into the transformation strategy that diverse industries are paving with the help of digital technologies.

Why Attend?
The event is tailored for key decision makers who will get to meet senior leadership from Tech Mahindra who are solving key customer challenges for leading enterprises of the region and the world. This roundtable offers a unique convergence of minds, fostering in-depth discussions, strategic partnerships, and actionable insights.

Event Highlights
Visionary Leadership: Engage with forward-thinking executives from TechM, Azure, and leading enterprises, sharing groundbreaking strategies and success stories in digital transformation within mobility. Curated Case studies: Participate in focused discussions on key topics
such as sustainable mobility solutions, the impact of AI and IoT on transportation, and the future of autonomous vehicles. Strategic Networking: Connect with fellow industry leaders in a
conducive environment for forging strategic relationships, sharing challenges, and identifying collaborative solutions. Innovation Showcase: A close look at how Azure and TechM are driving
innovation in the mobility space with advanced cloud solutions, AI, and IoT technologies with evolving use cases.

Time (Europe Time) Sessions
16:15 – 17:00 Arrivals & Welcome: Mingle with fellow attendees and grab refreshments as you prepare for an insightful afternoon.
17:00 – 17:15 Keynote from Microsoft Leadership: Discover the latest innovations from Microsoft that are set to shape the future of the tech industry.
17:15 – 17:30 Engineering Service Overview – Explore Tech Mahindra’s collaboration with Microsoft in digital engineering, highlighting their combined efforts in advancing technology.
17:30 – 18:00 Session from Industry Expert: Unleashing the Power of Advanced Cybersecurity: Delve into the latest advancements in cybersecurity strategies from a product engineering perspective.
18:00 – 18:40 Panel Discussion:  Gen AI in Digital Engineering: Discover how Generative AI is transforming digital engineering, focusing on product design, product lifecycle, digital products, and sustenance.
18:40 – 19:00 Building a Sustainable Future: Explore the role of Product Engineering in sustainable design, manufacturing, and product lifecycle. Discuss factory sustainability and gamification in sustainability practices.
19:00 onwards Networking Dinner


Narasimham Rv

President and Global Head – Integrated Engineering Services

Dhiman Basu Ray

Global Chief Technology Officer – Digital Engineering

Dr. Andreas Braun

Managing Director and Partner, BCG


Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Hof

Vice President of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
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