Join us at an exclusive luncheon roundtable discussion arranged by the Scottish Government featuring experts on the topic of investing in fintech. The roundtable will bring together leaders from the world of fintech, with a focus on how Scotland attracts fintech investment, and what measures the country can take to ensure it continues to further attract fintech companies.

The event will bring together those who have fintech operations in Scotland, those considering doing so, and those who have fintech operations in other countries within the UK and Europe.

It will focus on key three elements:

  • The impact of new technology, such as blockchain and quantum computing, on investment decisions
  • The importance of ESG to fintech companies and the impact it has on FDITo what extent Scotland is on a would-be investors’ radars and why.

The event will enable guests to compare best practices, and it will also offer insights as to what the future holds for fintech.

The discussion will be chaired by Investment Monitor’s Senior Editor Lara Williams.

Venue: Scotland House, 58 Victoria Embankment, Temple, London EC4Y 0DS

Date: Tuesday 28th March, 12:00-14:00

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